Glidecam HD2000

I recently purchased a Glidecam HD2000 and a Manfrotto 577 Quick Release from I’ve had a similar type of stabilizer called Flycam Nano, which is designed for much lighter cameras but I’m currently using my old Nikon D90 for little video projects. I love using it as it enables me to roam freely without being stuck in a certain position. The Glidecam opens up a world of different angles as I can walk and/or run around my subject but it definitely does take some practice to get that smooth fluid like motion.

The Glidecam HD2000 does takes some time to balance the camera correctly but once you get it right, you’ll be able to capture video footage while moving around freely without camera shake as well. The instructions that I received with the HD2000 are not the greatest so for those of you who are in need of a video tutorial I recommend watching some videos that I found extremely helpful here:

I only have one small issue with this stabilizer. I was only able to mount the Manfrotto 577 quick release plate on the very end of the HD2000 mounting plate. It’s also referred to as a cheese plate as it looks quite similar to a cheese grater. I’ve seen many others use the same quick release plate and mount it in the center of the Glidecams mounting platform. I mounted the 577 quick release on the end of the mounting platform in order to have easy access to the lever in order to remove the camera at any time. If I try to mount the Manfrotto quick release like everyone else does I can’t turn the knob in order to remove the camera. With the Manfrotto 577 mounted on the end of Glidecam mounting platform, the quick release knob hits the Glidecams adjustment knob. So no matter where I mount the quick release plate and I want to remove my camera to attach it on another type of stabilizer, I have to remove the Glidecam HD2000 mounting platform (cheese plate) then I’m easily able to turn the knob in order to remove the camera. The Manfrotto 577 has a ratcheting knob feature that allows me to pull the knob towards myself (when the camera and Glidecam are facing foward) and rotate the knob in order to loosen the 501PL plate then remove the camera. So you can position knob at the best position for firm tightening at a narrow range of motion. However, this sometimes hits the adjustment knob on the back of the Glidecam and causes it to become unbalanced. This can become quite annoying.

Here are a few photographs of where I mounted the Manfrotto plate and how it some what gets in the way:

I’ll post some video footage of the Glidecam soon as there are several automotive events that I will be attending so the HD2000 will certainly come handy.